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“We have been serving you for near 10 years and served over 40 Million visitors, with all troubles including copyright complaints, limitations, domain bans and …., we were able to keep this site up and running and make our visitors satisfied.” said the official SevenTorrents website.

The famous torrent site that was serving for the torrent industry for the last ten years, Has 40 million torrent users all over the world has decided to take a retirement from the torrent world.

Sadly torrent lovers cant enjoy torrenting on Seventorrent.

What is SevenTorrents?

Seventorrents is one of the oldest torrent site that has an extensive collection of movies for torrent lovers just like Yify torrents, 1337x torrents; It offers best movies of different genres with high-speed seeding and p2p connectivity. It is one of the best torrent sites on which you can watch and download the latest movies.

SevenTorrents Announced that

 “Today we have decided to retire. But this is not the end for you and we will not let you down, there is a good news for you. We have talked with the owners of our professional friend site WatchSoMuch which is doing same thing as we were doing but in a better way, it has a super-fast search and modern and mobile friendly design,” SevenTorrents says.

“We have transferred all the data and members to there, please visit and continue using your account in WatchSoMuch with same password and enjoy.”


SevenTorrents Proxy/Clones and Mirror/Similar to Sites List (100% Working)

Here is the list of 100% working mirror sites of Seventorrents. Mirror Online Mirror Offline Mirror Online Mirror Unsafe Mirror Offline Mirror Online Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Online Mirror Offline Mirror Online Mirror Offline Mirror Online Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Mirror Offline Proxy Offline Proxy Offline
Zalmos Proxy Proxy Offline

SevenTorrents Alternatives

Guys although seventorrents has many mirror sites, but I personally use different torrent sites to download content so I recommend you to go for seventorrents alternatives. So alternates are here.

Advice For Seventorrents Users

Torrent lovers Seventorrents is a torrent site and if you are a netizen of that country where piracy laws are very strict then you might face a problem you can get a notice from your isp. So I recommend you to use torrent VPN yo be safe and secure while torrenting.

Final Thoughts

So torrent lovers I hop[e this guide will help you to download your favorite content from mirror site of seventorrents, And yes if you has not try alternatives of seventorrents yet then must try. Be safe while torrenting by using VPN. For more VPN and torrent related articles stay connected with Dont forget to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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