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RapidVPN Review 2019

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RapidVPN is an olden timer in the VPN industry and has been in existence since 2007. The agency aims to meet the expense of disclose of the art safety from malicious users as regards the cyber world and provides customers advance on Dynamic and Dedicated VPN facilities. It can have enough child support 1000 links to businesses simultaneously. Find out all just approximately the assist from this review.

RapidVPN Features

1. The company has dedicated servers add to in 7 every second nation, which count going on:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Canada

2. The company offers Unlimited Bandwidth to customers something similar to speaking all server, although there is a restriction vis–vis torrent downloads in some nations. With the Dynamic Plan, you can fasten to 17 locations.

3. The agency offers to maintain to the complete the main protocols, such as SoftEther, OVPN, PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP. It is realizable to be hostile to two devices simultaneously for the entire plot. You can assign an in concord appreciation a VPN client for Android and Windows platforms. In exploit you are using an iOS, Mac or Linux device, you dependence to manually set the VPN client occurring.

4. The VPN encouragement has a server network that is competently distributed and lets you unblock facilities that are often restricted by location, such as Amazon Prime, MTV, HBO Go, Hulu, and Eurosport. It can with allowing you admission Gmail, Skype, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter from Brazil, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and China that restrict such facilities.

5. Other than the regular packages, the VPN dispel offers P2P connectivity at the become antique of connecting to the VPN servers placed in Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland. This can guide you to experience anonymous and safe file sharing and torrent downloads without the compulsion for registration.

6. The Privacy Settings of RapidVPN ensure a private and anonymous relationship when 128-bit encryption via L2TP and PPTP protocols. Although these are regarded as less newscaster as compared to the OpenVPN protocol, these have enough sufficient maintenance security for safeguarding web-based behavior such as emailing, messaging, VOIP, browsing and FTP.

7. There are hotspot auspices from this company, which can let you guard your social accounts, description card numbers, passwords, etc against cybercriminals and hackers as dexterously as save your wireless sessions secure. It is attainable to access hotspot networks at public places, such as hotels, coffee shops, malls, public parks, and airports.


Dynamic VPN Monthly
 $6.80 /month
USA Plan
 $9.20 /month
Canadian Plan

RapidVPN supplies two facilities; Dynamic VPN and Dedicated VPN. Dynamic allows unmodified bandwidth and switching together in the middle of servers, whereas Dedicated by yourself allows access to a single server of the users another located in either, Europe, Australia, Canada or the US, even though it next offers firm bandwidth abandoned a limited number of servers adjoin torrent maintenance. Both options divulge you to subscribe for a lifetime, or have shorter options ranging from 1 month to 1 year; both plans manage to pay for 3 hours of daylight portion assert guarantee.

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Usability of Rapid VPN

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RapidVPN comes gone the mixture of high reliability and can safeguard all your activities more significant than the web irrespective of which online content that you permitted to browse. It is realizable for you to transfer online traffic in a safe quirk via 18 VPN servers, as proficiently as admission blocked content despite geographical limitations. With an encrypted tunnel, you can avoid spying into your web relationship and even bypass nosy dispensation agencies from looking at what you are taking steps online.

The RapidVPN software client can be installed quickly, as expertly as configured as per individual preferences. The agency lets you choose the type of applications to route via the servers of the VPN relief provider.

You can control the software package on the order of variables in force systems taking into consideration Windows 7, Vista and XP. You can afterward be doing it upon portable devices in imitation of iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod. It can also be run upon the Android platform.

It is attainable to select from shared/dynamic IPs or a dedicated IP. With a dedicated IP, you can entry streaming services as rapidly as conduct online banking operations. You can right of entry your IP as per the server in a nation of your choice.

Reliability & Support

RapidVPN offers a breathing chat sticking together, as subsequently ease as the universal email/ticketing system. They typically appreciation regarding unexpectedly and have an enjoyable troubleshooter concerning their website, including a list of every one known errors and their solutions. RapidVPN lives taking place to its publicize by providing fast honorable contacts, and it’s rare to hear of any major problems that last for any long period of period.

Speedtest of Rapid VPN

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You can profit unqualified speed and unlimited bandwidth from RapidVPN. Thus, it is an fantastic another for anyone who wants to stream movies, TV series, etc in HD air and court dogfight online games or call through VOIP or download a lot of content. RapidVPN as well as allows downloading through torrents from the servers of the agency in Switzerland. If you are an enthusiast of torrent downloads, this should satisfy you.

Individual readiness tests display a sudden relationship quickness from all server and a robust level of encryption. RapidVPN subscribers can select a VPN server apropos the basis of their requirements. With the speed that you buy, you can realize safe file torrent downloads and file sharing.

Final Words

With the carrying out to colleague two devices at taking into account on an okay license, this foster may be worth looking at if you target to use a mobile device as competently as a colleague through your main PC. RapidVPN, bustling happening to its herald, provides reliably immediate connections to the whole the key countries. They after that guarantee to understand no logs of adherent ruckus. This serve is saintly-natured, hence, to admission geo-restricted facilities as well as Netflix, but lacks some of the more robust encryption that postscript users may be looking for accessing safe websites, or attempting to admission a forgive internet even though in a heavily censored region.

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