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PureVPN Review 2019

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PureVPN! A Hong Kong-based VPN service. Serving online security services since 2007. It offers 2,000+ servers in 180+ countries.

In this review, I have covered almost everything about PureVPN like its features, pros, and cons as well as controversies that PureVPN facing since last few years.

In the end, I will give my recommendation. So keep reading.

Pros Cons
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 2,000+ Servers
  • Dedicated IP
  • Shaddy Logging Policy
  • Not Compatible With Netflix
  • No Free Trial
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Plans and Pricing

Here are 3 payment plans of PureVPN.

  • The one year (12 months) membership – $3.33/month
  • The semi-yearly (3 months) membership – $8.00/month
  • The 1-month PureVPN membership – $10.95/month

Payment Steps

Actually, I review VPNs after using them personally. So I have purchased PureVPN by following these simple steps.

Step 1 – Visit the PureVPN Website.

Step 2 – Chose a plan.

Step 3 – Choose payment method.

Step 4 – Enter payment details. And download pureVPN app according to your device.

Once the procedure has been finished, you will get a VPN login credentials on your given email that you have enter while purchasing.

FAQ’s – PureVPN

1. Question: Does PureVPN Offer Multi-Account Support?

Answer: Yes, PureVPN offers 5 multi-login on a single account. So you can use PureVPN on Smartphone, tablet PC, laptop and other devices at the same time and you can use the same Username and Password on all 5 devices.

2. Question: Which Servers are fast?

Answer: PureVPN has different speed of different servers. It depends on geographical distance and supported protocol by your ISP. I recommend users to Visit www.purevpn.com/speed-test for best server depending on your location and purpose.

3. Question: Is PureVPN Safe?

Answer:  Not really, from last 2 years, PureVPN proved that it is not a logless VPN.

In 2017 PureVPN provided data of one of its customer to FBI.

And according to the report of Thenextweb PureVPN is owned by Pakistani company Gaditek.

It owns both PureVPN and Ivacy.

However, there’s nothing wrong to exist in Pakstan, but they don’t claim anywhere mean they are cheating with their clients.

4. Question: Why does the speed drop?

Answer: Most VPN providers affect VPN speed because of all the added security, protocols and encryption carried out on an end-to-end basis. This is done for the security of your important data.

5. Question: Does PureVPN Works In China?

Answer: A few years back China has banned many VPN providers. There are many famous VPN providers who didn’t work in China.

But the good news is that. PureVPN works well in China.

But if you have security issues with PureVPN, you can go for other VPNs that work well in China.

Unique Selling Proposition

Split-Tunneling feature! Obviously. When PureVPN launched, there are very few VPNs who are offering Split-Tunneling, And PureVPN belonged from those few VPNs that is why from 2007 to till date Split-Tunneling is a unique selling proposition of PureVPN.

Here is the short definition of Split-Tunneling. This definition I have taken from Wkipedia.

Split tunneling is a computer networking concept which allows a mobile user to access dissimilar security domains like a public network (e.g., the Internet) and a local LAN or WAN at the same time, using the same or different network connections.

PureVPN Compatible Devices/Operating Systems

Despite privacy, there are some other uses of VPN like streaming. So if you are choosing PureVPN just for streaming or unblocking, then it’s okay. You can choose it.

PureVPN is compatible with many devices like

  • Ios
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Routers
  • Smart Tv etc

PureVPN Encryption

PureVPN allows you to customize your encryption level. For example, if you just want to stream with PureVPN, then you can choose ‘No Encryption’ protocol. This protocol will not encrypt your data and will not affect your internet speed.

But if you want to encrypt your data while using public wifi or prevent anyone from snooping on your online activities, Then you can use the AES 256-bit encryption or SSL encryption protocols. These 2 protocols are considered as the most secure security protocols in the world. But after enabling these protocols, Get ready to use slow internet. Lolzz


What do you think? Does this in-line encryption statement make PureVPN safe? You can share your reviews with me.

Now its time to check the speed of PureVPN. Let see does PureVPN has enough speed to stream unlimited streaming content without buffering issues.

PureVPN Speed Test

To measure the speed of PureVPN, I have tested PureVPN with different speed test websites. I have tested my internet connection with or without PureVPN separately.

With PureVPN my download speed is about 70 Mbps.

When I connected to PureVPN, my download speed becomes 52.1 means my internet speed remain the same up to 74 percent.

And this speed surely above the average if I compare with other VPNs. Means PureVPN does not connectivity problems. Due to speed, PureVPN is a good option for streaming.

PureVPN Internet Kill Switch Feature

PureVPN also offers the ability to kill switch to stop an illegal activity from the path of the user. This option stops all the on-going online activity and protects you if your connection drops at any moment.

This means that the data of the user will not travel anywhere except for staying at its own place and the secured protocols of the server will make sure this information stays leak proof in all directions. As soon as the user reconnects with the VPN, the entire paused data will be un-paused and will make sure the user gets where he or she was before the disconnection!

According to the PureVPN FAQ on the Internet Kill Switch, the feature is accessible from PureVPN’s client software. It can be activated/deactivated by checking the feature titled “Activate Internet Kill Switch when VPN disconnects.“

Does PureVPN Is Compatible With Netflix? Sadly No!

netflix-logoIf you love to watch tv shows or movies on Netflix (A popular streaming platform).

Then sadly PureVPN is not compatible with Netflix. I have tested many servers of PureVPN to access Netflix but believe me, none of the server works.

There are thousands of servers offered by PureVPN, but none of the servers helps to maintain a proper connection without an error screen popping up. For Netflix, I recommend using ExpressVPN.

PureVPN And Torrenting

torrentingNowadays mostly VPN providers discourage torrenting. Fortunately, PureVPN openly promotes torrenting on its website. So Torrenting is the major benefit of PureVPN.

Torrenting is one of the few helpful features that I have found in PureVPN:-)))

You can also check out my best torrent VPNs list.

PureVPN Free Trial

PureVPN does not provide any free trial, but PureVPN offers a 31-day money back guarantee on all of PureVPN’s plans. Means signing up PureVPN for streaming is completly risk-free.

PureVPN Server Locations

Most of the people neglect to check VPN serves of VPN providers. But it is one of the strongest feature of any VPN provider that cannot be ignored.


PureVPN has over 2,000 servers in over 80 different countries, means you can log in from almost every corner of this world by using PureVPN.

PureVPN Customer Support

As I only recommend PureVPN for streaming, So to resolve issues while streaming customer Support play a vital role.

Fortunately, PureVPN offers 24/7 live chat support, So if you face any issue while streaming, then you can contact to PureVPN live chat support.

PureVPN’s Optional Add-ons


Using this feature will allow the user to remove all sorts of Geological restrictions and limitations to access their favorite online content within seconds. This VPN is not supported directly, and the user may need to set them up manually. SmartDNS is available on all 3 packages, and no extra penny is charged for it.

Web Protection & NAT Firewall (for $2.99 per month)

Network address translation firewall, commonly known as NAT firewall is the solution for users who worry about an end to end security. This NAT file is located at the server end and is used for compensating the hopeless firewalls which are of no use at all as they are a built-in part of your windows.

A VPN is the only solution to this problem, and as soon the user connects to a VPN server, an IP address will be assigned to the user. Unable to use the NAT firewall will take the user at the highest possible risks and open to all the harmful online agencies.

The below-provided image explains how the user can activate the NAT firewall add-on of the check out from the website. These Add-ons are very affordable as low as $2.99 per month and in this way the user can get secured for data streaming activities.

StealthVPN Browser (For high censorship countries & ISP’s) (for $2.99 per month)

The stealthVPN browser allows the user to hide itself from all the harmful online agencies perfectly. It has the finest compatibly and removes all sort of extra hassles and problems. This offers the promise of zero logging experience for its entire user, regardless of their locations!

Dedicated Streaming (for $3.99 per month)

The Dedicated Streaming Add-on works by providing PureVPN users a special browser designed just for streaming purposes. Streaming anything in that browser will give you a 20 Mbps speed boost. This speed boost is ideal for internet users who have slow internet connections and therefore fail to enjoy quality movie streaming because of buffering and lag. Here is the list of best streaming VPNs of 2019.

Dedicated IP (for $1.99 per month)

PureVPN offers its users the ability to use a fixed IP. This feature is commonly used by specialized VPN users or heavy-duty users of the internet! Basically, it is ideal for those, who want to get secured from the servers of others with the help of fixed IP.

The famous dedicated IP is workable with the standard dynamic IP which states that user will have the standard IP at their respective disposal. This way, you can use the fixed IP at anyplace you want.

Dedicated IP with DDoS Protection

With Protection of DDoS IP given by PureVPN, the user must protect their devices in all possible directions as there are different types of DDoS attacks. The user can easily get Dedicated IP of PureVPN’s with DDoS Protection for only $5.99/month.

Mostly DDOs attacks happen during online gaming. So get rid of these DDOS attacks I recommend to choose reliable gaming vpn.

Do I Recommend PureVPN?

No! I dont recommend PureVPN.No

No doubt PureVPN offers some decent features but, Logging policy of PureVPN is not trustworthy and recent controversies of PureVPN proved it.

But just for streaming purpose, PureVPN can be a good option.

For more VPN reviews. Stay connected with VPNUpdates.com. Now it’s your turn to share your reviews with me. I will definitely add your review.

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