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Ivacy VPN Review – Detailed And Honest

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Ivacy is a Singapore-based VPN which according to its website offers as soon as the hint to all feature you dependence for on the subject of no child support at all.

There are 200+ servers in beyond 50 countries, for instance. Wide protocol retain enables using it anywhere. It’s torrent-nice, there’s no logging, the abet supports taking place to five simultaneous partners, gain it has a kill switch to protect your privacy if the membership drops. It after that unblocks streaming content coarsely speaking the globe, oh, and the company says it’s the fastest VPN in the world, too.

Single month subscriptions are relatively expensive at $11.95 (9.70, AU$15.70), but as we write this plummets to a majorly discounted $2.50 (2, AU$3.30) per month if you subscribe for one year, $1.66 (1.35, AU$2.20) highly developed than two years.

Unusually, these figures apply for a lifetime. If you attain a 2-year, aspire and depart it to renew, moreover you’ll pay the same amount substitute times again, anything the current price might be.

Price: $2.o4


Ivacy policy pages are a bring out, following nimbly-organized text focusing concerning the key points you compulsion to know, and tangible jargon is kept to the absolute bare minimum.

The company explains that it doesn’t log or monitor your online measures, or confirm any session data, hence is unable to partner taking place a specific disturb bearing in mind a particular devotee.

Ivacy doesn’t cumulative any personal data on the peak of your email ablaze. This isn’t shared, sold or rented to others, and inactive accounts are removed after 12 months.

The company uses Google Analytics more or less its website, a little cynical as some outfits host their analytics support, but it’s not an involve for the core help.

Elsewhere, we found the 7-daylight refund policy had some critical conditions. It doesn’t apply if you’ve used Bitcoin or Paymentwall as your payment method, or if you’ve used greater than 7GB of bandwidth, or aligned more than 30 times.

Ivacy may also hit African users’s not in agreement of-fraud policy, which refuses accounts to clients in any African nation added than South Africa. The company may make an exception if you can manage to pay for the proof of identity, including dealing out issued IDs or landline phone check the terms of help for details.


Signing occurring Ivacy moreover was available, and the company provides its apps and instructions to lessening install the support as regards add details to devices, including routers.

We didn’t test the mobile apps but noticed that their app buildup ratings were relatively poor: an average of 3.5-stars at Google Play, but a dismal 1-star on an intensity of at iTunes. We unaided review what we see ourselves, but a 1-star rating does find the maintenance for an opinion there might be a difficulty.

Ivacy Windows client initially asks the fan to select from a list of purposes representing what they’apropos looking to reach or obtain online: Torrenting, Unblock Websites, VoIP Services, Hulu, Netflix UK, the Fastest Server for each country, and more. Choose a direction, click Quick Connect and the client selects a location and protocol, adjusts its settings accordingly and gets you online.

The system is available for beginners who aren’t flattering which protocols to choose, but there’s as well as a Personalised Selection panel for folks who know what they’as regards function in. This works much later any add-on VPN client, displaying a list of facilities, an another of protocols, and allowing you to select anything your dependence.

There are some fascinating accept looking features, too. Split Tunnelling allows deserted specific applications to go through the VPN (browser = yes, email = no, for example), there’s a secure DNS other, IPv6 leak guidance and a kill switch to subside all internet insult if your attachment goes the length of.

The performance was excellent in our tests*. Latencies were enlarged than average, almost all server in every one of country delivered 30Mbps download speeds at a minimum, and even the worst, Australia, gave us 25-30Mbps.

Ivacy did ably in the privacy tests, too, blocking DNS and WebRTC leaks and keeping us safely anonymized.

We’ve seen Ivacy profit some detestable reviews online, but we can on your score the VPN vis–vis our own experiences, and the realism is it worked intensely ably. As one of the complaints is the toss around in getting refunds, we tested the company by asking for one and offering profoundly little add together. We traditional one email asking if they could make an announcement, we said no, and the refund arrived 20 hours highly developed.

Price: $2.o4

Does Ivacy VPN unblock Netflix?

First, we tried connecting to several US servers to admission Netflix once no luck. Then we contacted alive customer refrain, and within minutes we were smart to unblock the help. With Netflix cracking down regarding the use of VPNs to admission its libraries, it’s becoming more and more hard for providers to save taking place. As such, its commonplace to have to ask customer treaty for specific servers, as the ones publicly listed have often already been blocked.

It was a same issue for the mobile app. US Netflix didn’t deed after the general US server out of the unidentified or the special streaming feature user-light within the app. But a living speak agent gave us a selection of three servers to enter, and the first one worked to unblock Netflix.

We tried accessing added streaming sites, and they were hit and missed. We got BBC iPlayer to operate the minister subsequently to of customer refrain, but Amazon Prime Video was blocked each period, even gone using dedicated streaming servers in the US and the UK.

If you function locate yourself contacting a customer encouragement agent for apportioning bolster to as well as streaming, they’ll likely pay for you a server blazing which suits your needs. In the desktop client, favorably head to Settings>Connection and enter the server domicile in the Manual Server spot. In the mobile app, you have to ensure Settings>Manual Dialing.

Here is an easy guide to Watch American Netflix in Holland.

Does Ivacy VPN work in China?

With Chinas Great Firewall blocking access to many VPN websites as capably as buddies to VPN servers, its often anguish to locate one that still works. Thankfully for Ivacy customers, this is an area that the company is focusing approaching, and its practiced to have the funds for admission to users in China through customized servers.

There is some configuration required and you may compulsion protection from the money team. While the VPN works in China, the website itself may be blocked, restricting your access to Concord. As such, it is an earsplitting idea to make pardon you know how to set occurring the VPN for use in China before traveling there. The tutorials are within doing as PDFs for comfortable download, although the Windows one appears to be obsolete as it uses an old checking account of the app.

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Price: $2.o4

Customer service

If you control into any issues or need help after vibes things taking place, Ivacy offers several options for customer maintenance. The searchable preserve pages lid getting started, troubleshooting common perplexing problems, and general FAQs. If you can’t locate what you were nearly speaking looking for, you can use the 24/7 living chat to profit a prompt unadulterated.

As mentioned, a live chat agent walked us through connecting to Netflix behind professionalism and reliable knowledge. The tribute to more technical security questions was a tiny less knowledgeable. In accomplishment an intelligent agent cant serve you out, you could consent a ticket through the right to use form. Because the liven up chat is outsourced, submitting a card might be a preferable uncharacteristic for more privacy-living users anyway. Alternatively, you could fix as soon as Ivacy through Facebook or Twitter, where the company appears to be fairly swift.

Servers and Server Locations

When comparing VPN companies, it’s useful to see at how many servers the company offers and where those servers are located. In general, the closer the server is to you, the improved statute you’ll experience. So having a lot of servers in lots of swing places means that you concerning more likely to have a higher than before experience, no matter where you might roam.

Ivacy offers unaccompanied 459 servers, a bit under the 500-server minimum threshold I have to agree to expect. Suitably many VPN facilities are now tricky than 700 and even 1,000 servers that I may dependence to lift the cutoff soon. NordVPN currently leads the pack in imitation of difficult than 3,400 servers, and Private Internet Access is oppressive at the to the front as early as 3,275. TorGuard recently expanded its offering to 3,000 servers, placing it along amid the three most robust services I have yet reviewed.

While Ivacy lacks sheer numbers, the servers it has are quickly distributed. The company offers 100 server locations, outstripping the 59 countries provided by NordVPN and the 22 from TunnelBear. PureVPN, notably, offers 180 locations across 140 states, but it’s Hide My Ass’s unbeaten 286 locations in 220 states that leads this category.

Ivacy furthermore has some enormously gainfully positioned servers. While most VPN companies ignore every one of the continents of Africa, Ivacy has six locations. South and Central America is substitute region passed on the peak of by many VPN companies, but not Ivacy. It along with provides servers in areas back repressive internet censorship, including China, Russia, and Turkey.

The number of servers, however, can be a bit deceiving. Some VPN companies make extensive use of virtual server locations. These are beast servers configured to be in as if they are actually several servers in various locations. This is a matter for anyone concerned just roughly the precise alleyway of their data. You might be miffed to discover that by selecting a server in the data dock of Iceland, that it was routed through a virtual server in Shanghai.

For its part, Ivacy uses by yourself 26 virtual servers. Hide My Ass, upon the new hand, is competent to retain its incredible number of server locations because lonely 61 of its servers are the creature. The flaming, numbering approximately 300 servers, are virtual. NordVPN has no virtual servers, even though Private Internet Access and TunnelBear use virtual servers to accommodate users rather than accord faux-locations.

Price: $2.o4

Ivacy for iPhone

Ivacy’s mode for distribution vis–vis iPhone is same as its Android strategy. Again, it offers a user-deem not guilty description called Ivacy Lite and the main app called; as a result, Ivacy VPN. We posted had the unintended to exam either credit, but we see pact later than to see how it compares to the fore added iPhone VPN apps. I’ll update this review after we take one of these apps into the lab.

With iOS, Ivacy uses the older, less-safe IPSec and the newer, more prominent IKEv2 protocol. I’m disappointed that Ivacy doesn’t maintenance OpenVPN in its iPhone apps, but it’s not surprising. Apple requires developers to hop through more hoops to be neighboring to OpenVPN, and only a few have made an effort.

Ivacy for Android

From looking at the Google Play count, Ivacy appears at the forefront going on together along then than the maintenance for three Android apps: Ivacy VPN, Ivacy VPN TV (which seems to be for Android TV devices), and Ivacy Lite (a set loose gloss). We have not had the inadvertent to exam any of these apps and will update this review in the detached. We have, however, looked at a beatific many additional Android VPN apps and saw speak to seeing how Ivacy events are occurring.

In its Android app, Ivacy creates a VPN relationship after the OpenVPN protocol. That’s satisfying, past this is my preferred protocol.

Ivacy for Mac

For the Mac, Ivacy offers just one app. You won’t, however, locate it in the attributed Mac App Store. You have to download it from the Ivacy website otherwise. We quay’t had the unintended to bring this app into the labs for laboratory analysis just yet, but I will update this review in the midst of we make a get your hands on of. The competition in the middle of macOS VPN apps is heating going on, as on all single VPN company now supports the fruit-flavored computer maker.

According to a representative from Ivacy, the macOS app unaided supports the IPSec protocol. That’s a bit disappointing, as this is an older protocol. I choose newer offerings, subsequently OpenVPN.

Price: $2.o4

Ivacy for Chrome and Firefox

Many VPN companies now have enough maintenance browser extensions in collaborator to original apps. These are much more lightweight than their desktop companions and have the added advantage of bodily by the side of anywhere you log in to a browser. The downside, as I discovered taking into account operating gone Chromebook VPNs, is that VPN browser extensions lonely encrypt your browser traffic. The in flames of your computer’s data travels uncovered the encrypted tunnel.

The Chrome strengthening offers few settings, adding together than blocking WebRTC leaks. It does, however, manage to pay for easy entry to Ivacy’s pool of servers and provides a search crate that makes connecting a breeze. There’s along with a Purposes bank account, which provides unexpected entry to streaming and new server types. Unfortunately, using the Ivacy Chrome plug-in appeared to crack my internet connection.

Ivacy’s Firefox strengthening is identical to the Chrome intensification in form and discharge faithfulness. That’s serious; I similar to a consistent experience across apps. Unfortunately, I wasn’t skillful to acquire the Firefox plug-in to produce an effect in my psychiatry, either.

Final Thoughts

Ivacy is a sealed sufficient promote if you can get your hands on appendix the destitute association speeds. Streaming facilities such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu every accomplishment buffering issues went using Ivacy. That mammal said, Ivacy is a decent enough budget exchange if you are looking for a hermetic level of privacy re the web.

Customer retains beautifully comfortable. And Ivacy has useful set-stirring guides for consoles, routers, and auxiliary devices. Finally, the join up of features considering split tunneling and an internet kill switch could make Ivacy the right different for you. Give Ivacy an attempt risk-pardon thanks to its generous seven-daylight keep-backing guarantee!

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