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IPVanish Review 2019

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IPVanish VPN is a commercial VPN provider, also known as IPVanish. USA based VPN provider was serving for online privacy since last 7 years.

IPVanish founded in 2012 by Mudhook Media Inc.

Mudhook Media Inc is part of Highwinds Network Group in Orlando, Florida.

In this IPVanish review, I will let you know about features, servers, pricing and many things about IPVanish VPN. In the end, I will share my recommendations about IPVanish. Happy reading.

Pros Cons
  • Unlimited P2P
  • Internet kill switch
  • Netflix Compatibility
  • Above average speed
  • USA Based (the USA is in 5 eyes countries)
  • No free trial
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IPVanish Plans and Pricing

IPVanish allows users to enjoy full freedom of the Internet with full protection.

Although money does not promise happiness but it might help a user to get protected in the cyber world in the cheap prize.

That is why IPVanish is offering 3 different cheap plans for the netizens who are really serious about their online privacy. Here are the details.

  • Monthly option for $10.00/month
  • 3 months option for $8.99/month
  • Yearly option for $6.49/month

IPVanish FAQs

Question: Does IPvanish Really Safe?

Answer: Yes, If you are using IPvanish to unblock geo-restricted content or to reduce pings and lags during online gaming. Or any legal activity then IPVanish is completly safe.

Question: Does IPvanish Really Logless?

Answer: No! IPVanish is a USA based VPN provider, and the USA is a prominent country of 5 eyes group.

According to a June 2018 article by TorrentFreak, IPVanish handed over personal information about a customer to the Department of Homeland Security (HSI) in 2016. That customer was a suspected of sharing child pornography on an IRC network.

After 2018 controversy it is proved that IPVanish is not a logless VPN at all.

Question: Has anyone successfully linked a DD-WRT router with IPVANISH? If so what are the steps that even a newbie could follow?

Answer: DD-WRT is currently one of the two supported router firmware that we offer. You may follow the below guide for information on setting this up correctly:


Question: Does IPVanish Offers trial version for new users?

Answer: No! IPVanish does not Offers trial version for new users, But IPVanish offer 7 days money back guarantee so if you don’t satisfied with IPVanish you will get you money return with No hidden fees.

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Question: Does IPvanish Currently have any dedicated IP Addresses Available?

Answer: For anonymity and privacy reasons, IPVanish does not offer dedicated IP’s at this time.

IPVanish Prominent Features

IPVanish offers some great features that are

  • IPv6 leak protection
  • DNS leak protection
  • OpenVPN scramble
  • SOCKS5 web proxy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited P2P
  • IP address cycling
  • Port forwarding
  • Access via UDP/TCP
  • Internet kill switch

IPVanish Compatible Devices

With IPVansh you don’t have to worry about what device you are using.

Here is the list of IPVanish compatible devices.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Fire TV
  • Chromebook
  • Linux
  • DD-WRT routers

These are devices on which IPVanish can easily be configured.

IPVanish Encryption Level

To maintain high-level encryption, IPVanish uses technologies like OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec in its software.

IPVanish offers all necessary protocols like L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, SSTP and IKEv2. Here is the detail about IPVanish protocols.

If we neglect location and controversies of IPVanish, then its encryption level is better then any other VPN provider.

It supports the AES (128-bit or 256-bit) specifications, with SHA-256 for authentication and an RSA-2048 handshake. BUT WE CAN’T NEGLECT.



As I already mentioned in the review of PureVPN that many people do not notice no of servers that VPN provider is offering.

The server is the important thing that every VPN seeker have to notice before choosing ant VPN.

However, IPVanish offers 1,000 servers across 60 countries.

Does all server of IPVanish work with Netflix?

IPVanish Netflix Compatibility

netflix-logoAs I mentioned above that IPVanish offers 1,000 servers across 60 countries. Good news is, 25% of Netflix servers well with Netflix.

Here are a few questions that I have asked from live support of IPVanish.

ipvanish chat 1

ipvanish chat 2

ipvanish chat 3

After the chat, I have signup IPVanish VPN to check Netflix compatibility personally. And Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Ashburn, also Chicago servers of IPVanish work very well Netflix.

However, I recommend ExpressVPN for Netflix.

Does IPVanish support torrenting?

torrentingAs you guys notice that day by day VPN providers started discouraging torrenting or p2p file sharing?

If you have noticed, comment Yes otherwise No.

Good news is, IPVanish supports torrenting. In fact, it supports unlimited torrenting.

So in case if you have missed any Netflix show, then you can download from torrent. You can also check my list of best torrent VPNs.

IPVanish Kill Switch Feature

For IPVanish, it is the key responsibility to store the data of the customer in such a way that it is not taken over by other agencies.

That is why IPVanish offers a ‘kill switch’ feature which allows the client to close all of the online operating data instantly. It is a helpful method which ensures the maximum safety of the customer. In case of no connectivity, all the online working data is turned off, until the connection is reconnected. Hence all this can be done by pressing a single button.

Best Selling Point Of IPVanish

Kodi! If you are a streaming lover that I dont think so that you haven’t heard these 4 letters! If you are not aware of Kodi, don’t worry.

Kodi is a free media player that is designed to look great on your big screen TV but is just as home on a small screen. Read more about Kodi.

However, almost every VPN providers that work with Kodi but IPVanish work very well with Kodi. It has enough speed to stream best Kodi addons.

Does IPVanish have enough speed to stream Kodi without buffering issues?

IPVanish Speed Test


Speed is the major factor that you have to look before choosing any VPN.

So I have tested my internet in both ways means with VPN and without VPN.

My internet speed without VPN was about 70Mbps.

And after connected with IPVanish my internet speed had become 55.1Mbps.

It means my overall internet speed remain the same upto 73%. No doubt this speed is high enough to stream unlimited content on platforms like Netflix as well as Kodi.

IPVanish Customer Support

As you already have seen screenshots of my conversation with IPVanish Customer Support, Not doubt I had got replies in a few seconds.

IPVansh has 24/7 very helpful live chat support.

During streaming live chat support play a vital role to resolve streaming issues.

For example, there is a live football match, and you got issue during a game then at least you contact IPVanish Customer Support within seconds. There are many famous VPN providers which don’t offer live chat service like Private Internet Access.

IPVanish Users Reviews

Review By Mike Jacobs

Had it installed for about 6 months (paid for it) worked OK for a while. Then suddenly on 95% of things I want to watch it tells me I have to live in the UK. Even on Netflix when they both happen to have the same thing. I am living in Austria 🇦🇹 That’s why I given it 1 star but if they can fix it for me I’ll give a full 5 star! 👍🏼

Review By Craig Hayes

I use IPVanish on serveral devices and it always works well. I’m docking two stars because they automatically renewed my subscription and charged my cc without any notice or warning. That makes me feel like I’ve been taken advantage of by a shady company. 👎

Review By twin

The best out there and never had an issue with the IPVanish app. I’ve installed it on all my families mobiles and on our desktops, tablets & of course our firetv and fire sticks. Well worth $$$ for this VPN ‘s 2 yr service.

Do I recommend IPVanish?

No! I don’t recommend IPVanish.No

First of all, IPVanish is not logless VPN that I have proved with TorrentFreak post above.

Secondly, IPVanish is bit expensive VPN.

$10.00/month is quite expensive.

Actually, IPVanish is only suitable for streaming and for streaming you can try Ivacy which you can get $2.35/month.

Now its time for your reviews. If you are already using IPVanish, then you can give your review. I will definitely add your review.

For more VPN reviews stay connected with VPNUpdates.

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