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List Of 5 Best Gaming VPN That Actually Works

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I am an avid gamer, so here in this guide, I want to educate online gamers with my experience. I am taking part in the online gaming competitions for 5 years, and I had faced a lot of problems and issues while online gaming and legs and pings are topmost problems that are faced by every online gamer.

In the cyber world, nothing is free from tracking your each, and every online activity is tracked by your isp and other agencies as well as hackers, So while you are playing games online you might be hacked, And there are many risks of online gaming, for example, DDoS, so to coop up all these risks you have to go for any protection.

The best cyber protection tool is VPN. Yes, VPN can protect you from tracking of your ISPs, hackers, etc. Basically, VPN masks your IP address, and due to masking, no one can track your original IP address. Here in this guide, I have shortlisted 5 best VPN for gaming by which you can be protected from phishing, ping, and lags.

5 Best VPN For Gaming 2019

  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • NordVPN
  • Ivacy
  • Vypr VPN

1. ExpressVPN (Fastest Option)

If your internet speed is not too high and you have to maintain the same speed too enjoy an online gaming experience that ExpressVPN is one of the best and fastest option you can choose. I had personally use ExpressVPN no doubt It has simplest user interface so anyone can use ExpressVPN easily it reduces gaming pings and boosts your online gaming experience.

One and only problem with ExpresssVPN is. It is pretty expensive but if you have a budget and to your online gaming then ExpressVPN is one of the fastest and best gaming VPN. Read my detailed review of ExpressVPN.

2. CyberGhost (Not Fastest But Favourite)

It is one of the friendly gaming VPN it is not too fast but it very compatible with gaming, So if you want to coop up with the speed of cyber ghost then select that server on which lesser no of users are connected or go for “Reset The Best Location”: option.

If you are irritated with online ads that appear while gaming that cyber ghost has the dedicated ad blocker feature which you can avail by turning on the cyber ghost.

And yes it is one of the cheapest gaming VPN. One of the best parts of cyber ghost is it has 24/7 live support service so if you faced any issue with VPN while gaming so you can tell your query to its live support team.

3. NordVPN (Slow But Full Of Features)

NordVPN or you can say VPN with a lot of features, and it is one of the main reason of slow speed of NordVPN. But just like CyberGhost Nord is very compatible with gaming and due to its compatibility we can neglect its issues with speed, By you, Nord as gaming VPN you can be safe from yourself from DDoS attacks, access the world of games, and you can avoid bandwidth throttling.

4. Ivacy (Cheapest Option)

Ivacy is not a famous name of VPN industry but new gamers or gamers that are students mostly doesn’t afford any expensive VPN so for that Ivacy is the cheapest option. However, when I have used Ivacy, My experience was very good, and literally, it was more than my expectation.

The secret that I want to tell you is, Speed of Ivacy is better than Nord And CyberGhost. So I rated ivacy as cheap and fast gaming VPN. Check my detailed review of Ivacy.

5. Vypr VPN (Recommended By Online Gamers)

I have not personally used Vypr VPN but before writing any guide I asked a question with the fans of that thing, For example, before writing this article I have met many online gamers and many of them recommend Vrpr as best VPN for gaming.

According to them, Vypr has very compatible and online gaming, and especially gamers of USA and UK highly recommends Vypr VPN. Even you have shared your experiences with use with the help of our contact us page.

Things You have to Look When Choosing A VPN For Gaming

Secondly speed, Definitely you need a high-speed VPN while gaming for having a stable and reliable connection. In the end, you have to look extra feature like DDoS protection and dedicated gaming servers.

VPN for Gaming: 4 Reasons to Use a VPN

Final Words

Avid gamers. Hope this guide is enough for you for taking the right decision in choosing VPN for gaming. But if you still have any query related to VPN for gaming you can ask me I will try to solve your query asap. For more blogs and VPN, reviews stay connected with VPNUpdates. Dont forget to share your experiences below in the comment section.

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