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5 Best VPN For Canada – VPNs With Different Purposes

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Canada is one of the peaceful countries of the world and to maintain this peace Canada has some strict laws to remove terrorism in the cyber world also. The Canadian government has the authority to track and export personal data of any Canadian netizen, so in this case, only VPN can help Canadian netizens to make themselves untrackable in the cyber world.

About Dozens of VPN providers are in the market but only best vpn provider can help Canadian netizen to be safe in the online world.

If you are a streaming fan and streaming that you are trying to access, is Geo-restricted in Canada then you can check my list of best streaming VPNs.

And dont forget to signup torrent VPN because in some places in Canada torrenting is not appreciated.

These are the 5 best VPNs for Canada that are recommended by many Canadian online security experts.

  • ExpressVPN – The fastest option for Canada.
  • CyberGhost – Best option for Canadian torrenters.
  • NordVPN – Best option for Canadian streamers.
  • IPVanish – Most user-friendly VPN for Canada.
  • PIA – Most secured VPN for Canada.

5 Best VPN For Canada 2019


A leader of the VPN industry. ExpressVPN is a speedy option for a Canadian internet user to be safe in the cyber world.

Speed is outstanding, ExpressVPN makes sure that it will make you safe from any ISP throttling and invasive legislation like Bill C-11 and Bill C-51.

Before signing up a VPN make sure that during the selection of server always select the server that’s physically closest to you.

ExpressVPN works on all your devices and browsers.

And yes mostly sports lover that lives in Canada usually watch hockey so if you want to unblock geo-restricted hokey channels then signup ExpressVPN for unlimited hokey streaming.

Things that Cnadaian usually notice in the VPN.

91.5% Connection speed
62.9% Ease of use
52.7% No activity logs and no connection logs
42.2% Level of encryption
23% Number of servers
14% Suppo

ExpressVPN fulfills all these requirements.

There are two flaws of ExpressVPN are. Pretty expensive as compare to other VPNs, Only offers 3 multi logins.


If you are torrent lovers, then I recommend CyberGhost VPN.

Because Cyberghost offers dedicated servers for torrenting, not all servers of Cyberghost are torrent friendly.

It has very user-friendly apps for all the devices. Especially android app. I am saying this because I am personally using its app.

It has very fast dedicated servers for streaming lovers.

Cyberghost offers all major VPN protocols such as l2tp, OpenVPN, etc.

Cyberghost offers 24/7 helpful live chat support.

During testing, I had not found any IP or DNS leak.

Although cyber ghost offers many locations in one country so Canadia i aways recommend to use that server on which less user is connected.

For Canada, Cyberghost VPN is a good option.


If you are streaming fan and in Canada, you are facing problems in accessing US Netflix library, then NordVPN is a very great option for you.

NordVPN has 5000+ servers for unlimited streaming.

It has a very user-friendly interface with a kill switch and VPN over tor feature.

Military-grade encryption, CyberSec, Double VPN these are three prominent features of NordVPN.

For streaming lovers, NordVPN offers smart play, and yes lighting fast speed for buffering less streaming.
NordVPN offers six multi logins mean you can secure your 3 devices, However app of NordVPN available for almost all of the devices.

It offers 24/7 live chat support, So I in case you may face any problem with Nord you can ask help from live chat support.

For Canadian streamers, NordVPN is a great option.


After ExpressVPN I have notice IPVansih has very outstanding speed. It has User-friendly apps for all of your devices. And yes IPVanish offers 7 days money back guarantee.

IPVanishVPN provides 10 multi logins to the users.

IPVanish offers unlimited torrenting, so if you want to download movies Via torrent in Canada, Then =you can fill your whole SSD or HDD by signing up IPVanish.

IPVanish has almost 1100 servers in 61+ countries of the world.

I always recommend connecting that server on which less users are connected.

The flaw of IPVanish is, It is American based VPN so that it may log the online activities of the users.

PIA – Private Internet Access

A most secure player of VPN industry.

Private internet access well very well in Canada. PIA is highly recommended for those who are extra conscious about their privacy.

According to PIA Tag line “Always Use Protection,” Its true PIa works like a digital condom who dont want to take any risk on their privacy.

For those who are a fan of streaming then I will not recommend PIA to you, Because pia does not support 24/7 live support so if you may face any issue during a match or any streaming event then sorry to say it will take 12 to 14 hours to be solved.

However, overall privacy concern, PIA is highly recommended. And yes PIA is completely logless, and no DNS or IP leak found during testing.


So Canadian netizens whether you are streaming freak, torrent lover or privacilholic this guide will help you in taking the right decision while choosing a VPN for Canada to fulfill your needs. But if you have any query in your mind, you can freely ask to me by commenting below.

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