Best Torrentz Alternatives

20 Best Torrentz Alternatives

Posted by, a standout amongst the most prevalent downpour meta-internet searcher, say goodbye as it has been closed down and the kickass torrent is life once more. The real explanation behind the shutdown is as yet obscure and has come as an amazement to all torrent darlings.

Along these lines, it is the high time for all the downpour fans to anchor their online security through the best VPN on the off chance that they wish to download torrent trackers. Along these lines, you can sidestep legal problems as DMCA and copyright encroachment takes note.

Also, has additionally vanished from the scenes after said goodbye to us a month ago. The downpour site never again looks through any inquiries posted by torrent clients.

Presently, before the freeze sets in, we risked gathering the 20 best Torrentz choices for you. Every one of these options will fulfill your desires for P2P record sharing. Also, if you are worried about your online protection, at that point make sure to utilize the best VPN for torrenting.

In case you’re searching for the best NYAA choices, at that point we a selective guide for you or experiment with the best torrent locales to download your most loved substance. Torrentz has crippled it’s inquiry usefulness and is alluding itself in past tense as: Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines’.

7 alternative torrentz

When we attempted to look through any downpour on Torrentz, we were diverted to their landing page, and the accompanying message began showing: ‘Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.’

7 alternative torrentz

Torrentz had a large number of guests every day, and with this shutdown, the multi-year remote administration has reached an end. The site (and its mirrors) are still up and running yet the nobody can get to its database and inquiry any downpour document on Torrentz.

This is the second episode that we have seen where a well-known torrent site has been brought down. Prior it was Kickass Torrents that was closed down after the capture of its proprietor, Artem Vaulin. Presently, it appears like Torrentz has confronted a comparable destiny and has been brought down also.

20 Best Torrentz Alternatives

For torrent enthusiasts that have been utilizing Torrentz for quite a while, there is still the expectation. These best choices for Torrentz will enable you to continue getting a charge out of downpours:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. iDope
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. RARBG
  5. BT Scene
  6. PopCorn Time
  7. YourBittorrent
  8. TorrentDownloads
  9. Demoniod
  10. RuTracker
  11. Seedpeer
  12. 1337x
  13. BitSnoop
  14. Zooqle
  15. Toorgle
  16. EZTV
  17. Manybooks
  18. GameTorrents
  19. TorrentFunk
  20. Monova

Use Torrentz Clones As Alternatives

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned Torrentz choices, you can likewise give some Torrentz clones are the attempt. These sites jumped up not long after the destruction of Torrentz and are picking up fame. Here are the two best Torrentz clones you can utilize today:

  • Torrents-Pro is a correct reproduction of the first site and files more than 55 million downpour records. It gives precisely the same as Torrentz, however, does not permit bookmarks, remarks, or votes to clients up ’til now. tops the rundown of clone sites and is the busiest downpour indexers right now working. You can utilize these clone sites as a different option to Torrentz.

How to Stay Safe While Using Torrents?

In light of this takedown, torrent client’s protection is at incredible hazard. Copyright sharks and ISPs track all downpour downloaders IP address and afterward hand out DMCAs, hefty fines, and could even summon claims. One method for securing yourself is through a downpour VPN. A VPN shrouds your actual IP address while you download downpours and makes you unknown to your ISP and copyright trolls.

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Monova is another torrentz elective since it gives a point by point web crawler highlight to the torrent clients. Moreover, the downpour site needs your enrollment, and this enlistment encourages you to transfer your substance straightaway.


What makes TorrentFunk not the same as other torrent destinations are the element that incorporates evaluations, surveys, and remarks from downpour clients. Also, the site empowers you to utilize its cross-proposal advantage by which you can choose the most common motion picture quickly.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most magnificent downpour site (now that KAT and Torrentz are down) that you can utilize today. Its vast torrent library of various classes will enable you to appreciate any downpour of any film or TV appearances. In recent years, The Pirate Bay has likewise had its offer of seizures, takedowns, and examination by the experts. Be that as it may, the well-known downpour ordering site keeps ricocheting go down over and over, it is the best Torrentz options you can browse. You can likewise utilize Pirate Bay VPN for secrecy and security.


isoHunt is another common torrent ordering site that gives the massive number of downpours from different classifications. On isoHunt, you can without much of a stretch query downpours, peruse through various segments, download and transfer torrents of your decision. In 2013, isoHunt lost a tough fight in court with MPAA and consented to pay $110 million as the settlement. Isohunt is moving down and running under an alternate space name, and you can utilize it as Torrentz options.


iDope is a downpour web search tool that pays tribute to the once-mainstream torrent site Kickass Torrents. This torrent site gathers sources from numerous other downpour sites. It additionally has an iDope Android application which is best for your Android telephone and tablet. Another comparable stage was TorrentHound which isn’t it work nowadays. You can locate the best TorrentHound choices and get great web indexes for torrenting.

BT Scene

The one thing that stands about BT Scene is its consistent interface. When opening this site, you will find that it doesn’t contain any insignificant notice on its page. Commercials could be incredibly irritating, and BT Scene is free from it. On its first page, you can likewise observe different classes, i.e., Films, Series, Music, Games, Software, and so on and that makes it the best Torrentz elective.


TorrentDownloads resembles some other downpour site, however, what makes it the best torrentz elective is its Health alternative for every one of its torrent source. Any torrent source that has excellent video quality are refreshed as green in shading, while the low-quality downpour sources are orange and red in shading.


LimeTorrents offer a great many downpours to download and transfer. It contains a vast database and furthermore provides magnet connects that you can use to get your most loved torrent. LimeTorrents doesn’t have any downpour records and acts more like a web index or registry, much the same as Torrentz.


RARBG is among the most established downpour indexers that you can utilize today. It has several downpours from all types and gives punishment of remarks to you to look at before downloading a torrent. This is a result of the enormous client base that RARBG influences it to our Torrentz different options to list.


ExtraTorrent is an all-around acknowledged downpour site and has developed its fan following throughout the years. You can utilize ExtraTorrent to discover all your most loved downpours and is a commendable interchange to Torrentz. View our guide for additionally points of interest to unblock extratorrent.

YourBittorrent is presently YourBittorrent was established in the same year from Torrentz (in 2003) yet was under the name, myBittorrent. After the split from possession, YourBittorrent was framed in 2009. YourBittorrent is one of the best Torrentz options and offers you torrents for motion pictures, appears, recreations, programming, ebooks, and considerably more.


Mininova was established in 2005 is an excellent contrasting option to Torrentz. It offers various torrents and can be utilized as an internet searcher and furthermore as a downpour catalog. You can get torrent for motion pictures, programming, music, TV appears, recreations, books, and considerably more. Mininova endeavors to keep the site clean and family-sheltered, and does not allow any accommodation including grown-up content.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an alternate kind of administration yet is an excellent contrasting option to Torrentz. You can’t download torrents on Popcorn Time however instead individually stream your most loved shows or films. Popcorn Time takes a shot at BitTorrent convention and separates the substantial gushing documents into little segments, much the same as a torrent record. Along these lines, you can appreciate quick spilling, negligible buffering, and watch in HD quality. Do note; you may require a Popcorn Time VPN as the spilling administration may be hindered in specific nations.


Demoniod has a distinguished rundown of torrent from different types. You can utilize Demoniod as Torrentz other option to search for downpour records of films, appears, music collections, funnies, book recordings, pictures and considerably more. One of the obvious highlights of Demoniod is it’s component to transfer downpour records. In any case, you have to enlist to the site before transferring and enrollments open for a brief timeframe.


RuTracker is a Russian downpour site and has been a fan most loved among document sharing network. The location is obstructed in Russia however you can at present access it utilizing a VPN benefit. For those of you who don’t dwell in Russia can use RuTracker as a Torrentz elective and get all your most loved torrents (do make sure to interpret the site).


When it comes discovering torrentz choices, 1337x offers different torrents of your decision. It additionally provides magnet connections of torrents , and you can utilize them to include the .downpour record to your downpour customers straightforwardly.


Once a little downpour site, now a standout amongst the most well known torrent catalogs, Seedpeer offers massive number downpours from various classifications. It is an excellent contrasting option to Torrentz and can be utilized to query most recent torrents and transfer and download downpour documents.


BitSnoop is likewise a Russian based torrent site and has numerous likenesses to The Pirate Bay. It additionally offers downpours from different classifications, and you can add torrents to your downpour customers utilizing the magnet joins.


On the off chance that you are searching for a smooth and simple to utilize torrent site, at that point try Zooqle out. It is one the best Torrentz options we have attempted up until this point and offers a celebrated downpour library. You can discover torrents of all the most recent TV shows and motion pictures on Zooqle.


Toorgle is much the same as Torrentz as it acts as a downpour web crawler and does not have any torrents itself. You would lookup be able to avalanches of your decision on Toorgle, and it will recover results of other torrent directories. Torrgle alternatives also helps you to choose your torrent sites.

Kodi Vs Torrents

Through Kodi, you can sit in front of the TV appears, films, documentaries, kid’s shows and even amusements from anyplace. Besides, you don’t have to download great records previously watching like torrenting. You need to download the applicable store to begin viewing your most loved substance straightway. Be that as it may, you require a Kodi VPN setup to conquer the issue of geo-limitation and watch your most loved channel.

The Wrap Up

Who at any point believed that helping couldn’t strike twice, would have speculated off-base. After the downfall of Kickass Torrents, nobody would be had imagined that would likewise shut down. Torrentz is one the most established and longest standing deluge sites. It at first facilitated distinctive downpour sites however later rediscovered itself as the biggest deluge internet searcher.

Since the prominent web index is down, you can even now utilize the previously mentioned Torrentz choices. These deluge sites have downpour documents from various classifications. You can use them to download your most loved deluges from anyplace.

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