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17 Best NYAA Alternatives – Make Your Torrent Experience Flawless

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If you are a true lover of Anime, then it is not possible that you haven’t heard the name of But unfortunately, it is no more.

Are you one of those who is facing issues after NYAA? Yes! Then here in this article, this will let you know 17 best NYAA torrent alternatives.

This is massage then you may get while accessing NYAA.

the requested URL could not be retrieved

But before that, I want to tell you that NYAA is a torrenting website where you can get best anime content, But accessing NYAA torrent in countries where torrenting is not appreciated is pretty risky.

So if you want to be safe while accessing NYAA torrent, I recommend you to use Torrent VPN.

Guys, you can check out my anime torrent site list.

17 Best NYAA Alternatives

  1. Horrible Subs
  2. Anime Sharing
  4. Pirate Bay
  5. ExtraTorrent
  6. AniDEX
  7. Anime Tosho
  8. Anime Torrents
  9. Anirena
  10. Anime Layer
  11. Pantsu NYAA
  12. Shana project
  13. TheHylia
  14. RUTracker
  15. Tokyo Toshokan
  16. AcgnX Torrent
  17. GGBases

These are 17 best NYAA alternatives which you can try after NYAA. And yes I have mentioned about VPN above.

Actually, there are many countries like India. Where torrenting is like a crime, you can be in big trouble if you caught by your isp while torrenting in India.

So for safe side, I recommend using a VPN. There are tons of VPN providers are in the market, but most of them discourage torrenting.

You can try ExpressVPN. It is excellent for torrenting. Here is the detailed analysis of ExpressVPN.

Here are 5 best VPNs which that encourage p2p file sharing, and you can use them while accessing NYAA torrents alternatives.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope this guide will help you to watch or download your favorite anime from torrent. Dont forget to use a VPN while torrenting. Be safe and secure and stay connected with VPNUpdates. If you still have any query related to VPN or torrenting, you can contact me, or you can also use the comment section below.

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