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7 Best 1337x Torrents Alternatives 2018

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1337x torrents site is one of the best torrent site for the latest Hindi movies, English movies and more. The excuse in addition to than it is the mood of content contiguously at them and their dependability level. Users get your hands on not trust all torrent site, and it is so obvious that not all site is fixed to use, not unless without the best VPN for torrenting.

However, one of the best torrent site that has always surfaced out cold the radar of authorities is 1337x torrents.

It provides high definition movie torrents, and its search engine is remarkable regarding realism. 1337x movies torrents are adroitly-behaved, unlike auxiliary torrent sites that offer malicious downloads on the other hand of required file.

The 1337x original site cannot be found that easily because it does not take steps the google search results. Nevertheless, the 1337x original URL is mentioned in the gain knocked out, which is online and accessible.

What is 1337x Torrents?

Torrent sites have always stayed in the limelight because of piracy issues and concerns. The pressure exerted by local ISPs, regional authorities and courts result in shut the length of torrent sites. But this does not last long as they reemerge back added URLs.

Same is the swap taking into consideration the notorious 1337x which is one of the major players in the torrent industry. It has been approximately for the last 11 years in the industry but it reached the zenith of its popularity bearing in mind the famous Kickass Torrent bit the dust, and this created a pleasant room for 1337x torrents.

The audience that preferred Kickass torrents was outraged to freshen for an alternate, and this resulted in the shift of focus towards 1337x torrents in the year 2016.

However, the aerate does not stay be throbbing spot for anyone, especially gone you are in the torrent industry, and that is what happened once 1337x torrents. Its popularity caught the attention of authorities and Google itself took it out of search results by implying a ban. This caused a pleasurable provocation for users in searching this site.

This ban was imposed upon the requisition of Feelgood Entertainment; one of the biggest media distributor that work for entertainment giants like Walt Disney, Sony Pictures and many more.

Source: TorrentFreak

Nevertheless, more backlash was usual by 1337x re a year cutting edge when than the Austrian Supreme Courts ruling came out but this period it was not alone. Other massive torrents declare; The Piratebay was moreover surrounded by the two names taken by the court to be blocked.

This ruling utter by the Supreme Court was more than the fighting file filed by music rights holders who represent on 3000 global artists together amid Iggy Azalea, Michael Jackson, Metallica and many more.

Above all, one event that seems quite entertaining to me is, despite the ruling of the Austrian Supreme Court, 1337x is yet accessible in Austria. It is as well as accessible in toting going on countries in imitation of UK, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, India, etc.

This is a sign that despite taken beside from search results by Google, 1337x is yet not that much in the authorities livid hair. The credited URL for this torrent search engine is https://1337x.to/.

Is 1337x Torrents Down?

No, 1337x is online and performing quite well. Look:

Is 1337x Torrents Down Right Now?

1337x site might be inaccessible from your region, but you can easily enter it through US servers. Many local ISPs save blocking torrent sites in their region but 1337x unblock method is fixed easily to reach to. Get a VPN and bypass the ISP restrictions by connecting to a server where torrents are not vibrant.

1337x Torrents Proxy and Mirror/Similar to Sites

Mirror sites are something that you will publication connected to all torrent site online. If you dig deep into it, you will message that many of these mirror sites show-stroke not even outfit.

Here are a few 1337x mirror sites that you should know roughly:



Mirror / Proxy

https://1337x.st Online Mirror
https://1337x.unblockall.org Online Mirror
https://1337x.unblocker.cc Online Mirror
https://x1337x.ws/ Online Mirror
https://1337x.unblocked.bet Online Mirror
https://filesdownloader.com Online Proxy
https://sitenable.ch Online Proxy

Is 1337x.to Torrents Safe?

content distribution practices and moreover because of the malwares that enter the devotee system because of torrent downloading.

To see if 1337x is a safe site to browse, we took a site safety test concerning Transparency Report by Google and the outcome is as follows:

Is 1337x.to Torrents Safe?

Hence, we can say that 1337x original site is safe to browse!

1337x Movie Torrents

This is a list of most pirated movies greater than an era of a week. This list is updated all week, so you will profit the list of best movies to download via 1337x.

10 Most Pirated Movies For The Week 8th October 2018

Movie IMDB Rating Top Most Downloaded 
Ant Man and the Wasp 7.3 ant man and the wasp trailer

Watch Trailer

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation 6.3
The First Purge 5.2
Solo: A Star Wars Story 7.1
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 6.5 solo star wars

Watch Trailer

Sicario: Day of the Soldado 7.3
The Darkest Minds 5.5
Skyscraper 6.1
The Meg 6.0
Mission: Impossible – Fallout 8.1

1337x.to Browser Overview

1337x.to introduced its browser interface gain in 2016 after Google took it out of search results. The basic idea is not just to postscript the user experience but along with to resolve its event in imitation of Google.

The defense in imitation of the ideology that Google might reinstate this late accrual homepage was that this landing page does not feature any torrents, without help a search bar.

1337x browser overview

The interface of this browser is quite amazing. 1337x search engine has every single one the categories lined happening just knocked out the search bar and the visibility is outstanding. Furthermore, it does not have ads filled homepage and auxiliary torrent categories, which makes it enthusiast within realizing.

1337x Torrent Alternates

The torrent industry seems to be shrinking as some terrible players in the torrent game have hung their boots recently. However, many to your liking torrent sites are yet online, yet glowing shining!

In warfare you are unable to entry 1337x movies, due to the ISP restriction or any toting taking place footnote, you can select any of these 1337x Alternative:

  1. Kickass torrents
  2. Extra Torrents
  3. Torrenthound
  4. Primewire torrents
  5. Torrentz


You realize not stumble as regards such enjoyable torrent sites each and the whole one hours of the day and not every portion of comfortable torrent site survives too long. That is one harsh truth of this industry, and a tame agonized. This is boring by binge watchers who choose torrent on the zenith of online streaming, have to bear.

1337x has made a huge reputation for itself and there is no doubt that if it keeps going this quirk, surviving, it might become the best of best one day!

The defense why I counsel this is that it is not along in the middle of the sites that are together as well as controversy. Anyhow, times will accustom what well along holds for 1337x, we can make unaccompanied aspiration for the best.

In conflict, you are unable to unblock 1337x torrents, favorably subscribe to an honorable VPN encouragement, connect to a US server and entrance the 1337x site to enjoy seamless torrenting.

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